Wednesday, August 4th, 2021
On Tuesday August 3, 2021 from 12pm to 9pm, the Alburtis Police Department held its 14th Annual National Night Out Event at the Alburtis Area Community Center's Pool. For the first time this even...
Saturday, July 17th, 2021
The Borough of Alburtis Police Department was sorry to see three part-time police officers leave in 2021. Ryan Geist resigned in February to take a full time position as a police officer out of the c...
Saturday, October 31st, 2020
The Alburtis Police Department once again provided glowsticks to each student at Alburtis Elementary School. We would like to thank the teachers for handing them out and helping to keep our kids safe...
The annual Hawaiian Luau and the National Night Out event for 2020 have been officially cancelled. We look forward to 2021, as we hope for bigger and better events.
Gun Safety



 The Alburtis Police Department offers free gun lock kits to residents who own firearms.  Project ChildsafeSM, a  nationwide program designed to promote safe firearm handling and proper storage through education, has provided the gun lock kits.

This program was developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and is supported by a U.S. Department of Justice grant.  The program is designed to reduce the number of gun crimes and create safer neighborhoods.

The lock is an armored steel cable with one end permanently secured to the padlock.  The padlocks can be secured to a fixed object or can be inserted in the action of the firearm.  When used properly the cable does not allow the action of the gun to close.

As with any firearm, it is the responsibility of the gun owner to secure and store firearms in a safe manner.  These locks are designed to discourage unauthorized access to a firearm but should not be a substitute for safe gun handling and storage.  The locks will fit on many commonly owned pistols, rifles, shotguns and revolvers.

The kits can be picked up at the Alburtis Police Department. 

Click this link for more information about projectchildsafe








In 1988 the National Rifle Association began the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program to teach children...
If you see a gun:
Don't Touch.
Leave the Area.
Tell an Adult.
The program consists of a 7 minute video, which is available to borrow through the Alburtis Police Department or via (Eddie Eagle Program).
The Eddie Eagle Program has no agenda other than accident prevention - ensuring that children stay safe should they encounter a gun.  The program never mentions the NRA.  Nor does it encourage children to buy guns or to become NRA members.

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